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Take flight with

A Career Reboot Program

It was a Pause, not a Stop.

PANKH, PANKH, a career reboot programme by ITC, is the perfect launchpad to set the right tone for your second career take-off

Be it relocation, parenting or other personal commitments - you were right to take that career break and you deserve to get a supportive comeback. Now, return to the mainstream workforce and work closely with a mentor to reignite your passions and reclaim your position in the business world.

So, planning on restarting your career after a gap ?

Get ready for a fresh start with PANKH.

What does PANKH offer?

Exciting Work Opportunities

Assignments for 6-12 months

An opportunity to join us full-time basis business requirements

Career Consultation

Organisational support & career guidance

Assistance from managers & colleagues

How It Works?

Step 01

Apply with your resume

Step 02

Shortlisting of Candidates

Step 03

Interview/Assessment Round

Step 04


Step 05

Onboarding at ITC

Eligibility Criteria
  • Minimum of two years of prior work experience.
  • Need to be on a career break at the time of applying.

Why Trust The PANKH Programme At ITC?


ITC’s organisational culture is rooted in diversity and inclusion, women empowerment, compassion and collaboration.


Get a chance to work and interact with multi-disciplinary teams and a diverse network of experienced professionals, many of whom are women.


Be assured of incredible support through connects with our in-house experts. Seek guidance on apt professional choices amongst the available options in the organisation.

Career Consultation

Two steps forward and a bit of a break.
Detours happen even in many well-planned lives.

We understand that restarting your career after a break can be challenging.

Our career consultation session is tailor-made to understand your specific needs, help you steer through your challenges, discover new confidence and ensure a smooth transition into your second career-phase.

It is time to tap into our vast body of resources for a holistic career development!


Human Resources

Organisational Development, Talent Acquisition, Compensation & Benefits


Go-to-market strategy, Network Marketing, Market Research

Technical Function

Software Development, Customer Relationship Management


Sales & Distribution, Sales Operations


Bindushree K

HR Business Partner

As a working mother, it could be challenging to balance the demands of job and family. However, ITC has been incredibly supportive, providing flexible work hours and understanding my family’s needs. This support has allowed me to excel in my role while also being there for my child. I’m grateful to work in an environment that values both my professional and personal life, making it easier for me to thrive as a working mother.

Nallaparaju Yashaswini Devi

Consultant (Pankh)

In an environment where breaks are not only questioned but also looked down upon, Pankh program has been an incredible opportunity for me to get back to workforce. The problem statement of the project was relevant to my experience, well defined and structured. This project not only added value to my experience but also helped me enhance my professional skills. Flexibility with respect to work hours and option to work from home helped me balance my work better. My manager and the team have been incredibly supportive and warm which resulted in me having a positive experience with ITC.


01. Who can apply?

The Pankh Programme at ITC is designed for anyone who has taken a break of more than six months from their career and has work experience of greater than two years.

02. What is the duration of assignment?

The duration of the project-based assignment may range from 4 to 12 months at ITC, and will vary, depending on project timelines, requirements, complexity and scope.

03. What flexibility does the organisation offers?

In our career reboot programme, we are committed to provide a supportive and flexible work environment that enables to achieve personal and professional goals. In line with this commitment, and based on the project roles assigned, we offer several flexible work arrangements to our employees, including flexible scheduling and location.

04. Does ITC also need a reason to leave the previous organization?

To join the ITC workforce, we do require a service certificate from your previous organisation. A service certificate is an important document for a candidate returning to work after a career break, as it can serve as a proof of their work experience, and establish their credibility when joining our company.

05. Can I apply for multiple domains?

Yes, you can apply for multiple domain roles as long as you have the relevant work experience.

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